Developers can use the HTTP-based API to integrate with SIP compliant infrastructure (e.g. a production or scheduling system), video conferencing software client or codec.

Examples of integrations include:

  • Use of Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) in production or scheduling systems
  • Embedment of VMRs in video conferencing software clients or codecs that do not have inbuilt MCU/multipoint functionality.

The API includes the following functionality:

  • Management
    • Get/Create/Update/Delete/List functions for objects including Company, User, Room
    • Grant/Revoke/List/ Permission for access relationship between User(s) and Room(s)
  • Call Control
    • Dial Participant
    • Get Current Participants and related call statistics
    • Hangup Participant and Hangup All Participants
  • Call History / CDR
    • Extract Call History by last "n" and start/end date API Developer Account

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