MNS Channel ModelMNS Go-To-Market Strategy:
100% Channel Dedication

Media Network Services (MNS) is 100% loyal to its channel and does not provide video conferencing services directly to end-clients.

MNS enables its channel partners to deliver superior business class video conferencing services to their end-clients with a set of network interoperability as a service and software as a service (SaaS) products.

Typical channel partners include:

  • Video Conferencing Service Providers and Resellers
  • Tier1 Carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Vendors and Manufacturers
  • Distributors

MNS' VideoRoaming and are described below.

VideoRoamingAdd Network Interoperability to your video service

VideoRoaming solves the industry's traditional challenge of Network Interoperability between Enterprise networks, closed managed networks and exchanges, and ISPs, without compromising the channel's existing business models and portfolios of end-clients.

Channel partners with video conferencing services, infrastructure or endpoints embedded with VideoRoaming are able to offer their end-clients True Open Video Conferencing Communication between businesses and business to consumers.

VideoRoaming incorporates a set of integrated technologies and services including the following:

  • Global meshed and redundant Quality of Service (QoS) network provided by multiple Tier1 providers
  • Advanced algorithms for effective and optimized media routing
  • Access/exit points to/from Internet in every region supported by direct peering with most local and regional ISPs and multiple high-quality Internet transit providers for optimal local connectivity including last mile.

Distributors, Service Providers and Resellers enable VideoRoaming by placing parts of their infrastructure (gateway, MCU or similar) on the VideoRoaming network (cross-connect or co-location) or embedding the VideoRoaming distributed TURN service, which is supported by a growing number of vendors and manufacturers.

The service can be delivered under the VideoRoaming brand or as white-labeled service.

Furter information:

MCU1.comOffer clients easy-
to-use and cost- effective HD VRMs is a scalable software-based Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) developed by MNS using industry standards and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). enables Channel partners to create and manage HD Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) with up to 50 seats per VMR on infrastructures available in the Americas, Europe and APAC.

Channel partners can manage resources (VMRs, ports, moderator web users and customer hierarchies) through the web interface or a set of APIs for integration with production/scheduling systems and/or software/hardware endpoints without built in MCU/multipoint capacity. is designed with core functionality empowering ease-of-use for VMR participants and moderators including flexible layout controlled by each participant using DTMF and a web interface enabling moderators to easily initiate and terminate calls from the VMR. is enabled with VideoRoaming giving participants the best possible quality and reach, and is from that perspective functioning as any other MCU placed on the VideoRoaming network by channel partners.


  • SIP signaling (UDP, TCP and TLS)
  • Audio Codecs: G.711 PCMU, G.711 PCMA, G.722.1
  • Video Codecs: H.264 (packetization-mode 0 and 1)

The service can be delivered under the brand or as white-labeled service.

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